Social Media and it’s Role in the Spread of Fake News

Fake news is a concept that has become known to the world in recent times. It is definitely a contentious idea that attracts many different opinions and beliefs. I read Claire Wardle’s post expressing her predictions for journalism in 2017. She focuses on the spread of misinformation through social media and how verification of all… Continue reading Social Media and it’s Role in the Spread of Fake News


Political Hard News Story Reflection

As Stephen Lamble says in his book News as It Happens, “Journalists have a key role in keeping others honest and accountable.” (Lamble, 2013, p81). In regard to political reporting, journalists have the very important role of being an independent body, free of influence from the government, to report on political matters without restriction. It… Continue reading Political Hard News Story Reflection

Court Reporting Reflection

For any up-and-coming journalist who has an interest in court reportage, it is important that they are aware of the rules in place that determine what journalists can and can’t say in relation to court reporting. These laws are implemented to ensure the legal system can deliver justice free from any outside interference, in particular,… Continue reading Court Reporting Reflection