Plane spotting and pothole dodging

(Plane spotters lining up for an ice cream at the Melbourne Airport Viewing Point. Photo: supplied)  Watching jets fly overhead never ceases to amaze and the Melbourne Airport Viewing Point is but one of many places these planes can be spotted. But the VicRoads-owned land has never been in such poor condition, and some are asking… Continue reading Plane spotting and pothole dodging


Annie’s Journey

In late 2017, I commenced an investigative multimedia piece into the migration story of my paternal grandmother, Annie. I used videos, photographs as well as written content. The video I produced can be found below and here is a direct link to the final article, website and photographs.  

Collaborative Task

I recently completed a collaborative project with four other RMIT students who were also completing the Journalism Technologies course. We were tasked with creating a website surrounding the broad theme of migration. My group and I chose to explore and discover how the Nepalese food culture in particular, influenced or aided Nepalese refugees and immigrants in… Continue reading Collaborative Task